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December 2010


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Dec. 23rd, 2010

Oh Brother

The Crafter's Christmas of Post Boxing Day Splendour

It occurs to me that I am not going to be ready on Boxing Day (and I believe that penchaft has stuff she is doing on Boxing Day.

So I propose Crafter's Christmas should be on the following day, the 27th. How do people feel about this? It allows you to buy cheep wrapping paper and cheep Christmas crackers on the 26th! How good is that! ^_^

(Sorry this didn't happen sooner, not having the internet sucks balls. My 3g ran out. :( )

I'm thinking (I don't think anybody will be working?) a lunchtime affair, except it will be breakfast, where I will provide bacon and ham and eggs and bread and such. + fruit and (cheap) champagne for those of us who don't love parts of pigs. All to allow you to get rid of those hangovers of Christmas. Feel free to bring food as well, or drink or something. This will be at my house. Hopefully it will be (mostly) finished by then.

patternsofchaos will bring some ridiculous food. I'm thinking maybe pork belly or lobster. She can choose! Probably what is easier to make for $20.

Finally, for crafter's Christmas, do you guys want me to get some crafty things we can do? Or would you rather just eat, drink and be merry? I was thinking I could bring the materials for everyone (except tatteredpinion) to make these cute badges? (It's not like you have to make a tree). If so I will buy some STUFF.

Also, this is open to even those who didn't craft! Bring your friends. But please tell me so I can cater!

<3 arinellen

Nov. 30th, 2010


Birthday/XMas List - late I know

This is a list of STUFF I want, cut so you don't have to read it. It's just a helping hand for those who want itCollapse )

Also I know I cannot have (and will not have for a v long time now we have a house). But I want a Lecia.

Nov. 23rd, 2010

Fur and Fins

Kaki King

I just think Kaki King is so great. She was the most fun to take photos of. Truely the best performers that I have seen.

I had a really noisy shutter and the music was pretty soft at times so I didn't take as many photos as I normally do, so maybe that's one of the reasons I'm not totally happy with my images. I also feel like a lot of them don't really capture her. I mean some of the ones here do. But there is not a lot of them. Also her clothing wasn't very... good to photograph? Anyway, I really wasn't feeling the vibes of the colours.

More to come later I think.


Kaki King at the Fly by Night in Fremantle PerthCollapse )

RE: Christmas Skillz

For all of those who are friends with bloodied_aura you would have seen this post.

Basically the idea is, you are broke/cheap/a student, so am I! But we have skillz, using these we can create some sweet little gifts that are totally worth more than an X-Box 360 game.

So I just want to offer my skills for Christmas gifts this year.

They are:
(i) Photography - This would be a photo of the thing of your choice from my Flickr list or my Facebook photos or my Live Journal photography posts.
(ii) More Photography - We can organise a time for me to take photos of your stuff, or you can tell me what you would like a photo of.
(iii) Knitting - I knit you something small, think the size of a beret or short fingerless gloves.
(iv) Sewing - My ability is very limited and pretty rushed sometimes. So think alphabet pillows and that's the extent of classy sewing that I do. I could make you a quilted cushion if you liked?
(v) Paper Cuts - I have never tried this before and it will probably be shit, but I always wanted an excuse to make something.

EDIT: If you want a really sweet frame for your photos, post before about 9:00pm tonight (23/11/10) because there is this sweet sale on frames that ends tonight.

If you really want to price this stuff it is ~$20. The photos will probably be less unless you tell me early enough to order frames. This figure is approximated to make us feel comfortable about the crafting you return back. Actually, let's say probably max $20 really, since now that I think about it, the stuff that I am doing doesn't take that much money AT ALL.

How this will work:
Make a comment - This comment will include the following:
(1) What you would like me to do for you. Be explicit where possible. (N.B. If you know I can do a thing and it's not listed above ask anyway and I will probably oblige. I just consider the things above talents and anything else I can do is probably not as good.)
(2) Give me your favourite colours (order them in preference if possible).
(3) Tell me what your crafting skills are. Be explicit like me!!!
(3a) If you don't think you have crafting skillz (please, I'm sure you have them and are just being modest!). Feel free to offer a gift card or something else that is small. This option is only here to make sure people ask if they want something, I don't want people not asking for my skillz only because they think they don't have any good crafting abilities.
(4) Tell me if you want to do this via the post OR wether we should all meet at a cafe to exchange gifts before/after Christmas.
(5) If you think I don't know your email address you should email it to me at my Gmail (arinellen). This is in the crazy case where I really am not sure about what you want and want an answer like NOW. :)

Then wait for me to tell you what I would like and start crafting! Booyeah!

The next step is: shit goes down. And then we bro fist.

Nov. 22nd, 2010

Oh Brother

Very Noisy Peeps

I'm posting them here for the prettiness of the peeps not the images. But it speaks to the amazing powers of my camera.

ImagesCollapse )

Nov. 16th, 2010


The 2010 UWA Guild Ball

Choosing the photos I liked the most was hard! Here is the whole set if you want them.

The Beautiful PeopleCollapse )

If only I hadn't been so drunk. More of them would have turned out.

Oct. 18th, 2010


Bermuda Lights - Gig Shots

Yes yes yes, they're very noisy. But I was pushing 6400 ISO, and 1.8f (I'm surprised any of they are in focus the time it take the prime to focus... and I hate manual focus, so shoot me).

Bermuda Lights - Harry's Bar, NorthbridgeCollapse )

Sep. 28th, 2010


The artists brief:

Recently I had to tell a website about my work. It had a character count and so it sounds a little chunky at first. When I have a little more time, each of these collections (3 in total, wow :), will be up on my website in order. At the moment I'm actually a little worried that the layout I have chosen isn't very good for collections of photos (Unless I have like 30 collections, which I don't). So I'm going to change it when I have time. Ergh, thesis, you suck up all my life.

Anyway, here it is, the artist, in brief:

"Photos taken through Cambodia and Vietnam, studying the similarity that runs through human nature. It focuses on the individua, & gives perspective on their thoughts trapped in an instant. While there I also have a small collection of black and white images which represent the zoo like perspective tourists are trapped within, all shot from within an airconditioned taxi.

My other work is of construction, representing a poetic complexity and beautiful order in the chaotic destruction&construction."

I don't know why, but Livejournal always makes me hear the weirdest songs in my head.

Aug. 8th, 2010

Oh Brother


Don't know if I like this or not.

Only good thing of the night.

One day I will learn faces.

SelfCollapse )

Jul. 5th, 2010


I Think This Is New:

Swan dive, into the best night of your life:

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