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Catalog of Awesome Things

I'm Not Like The Other Boys

Divine Retribution
8 December 1987
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Umm, what to say about me. I've had a lot of profiles over the years. I've had friends comment about me, I've had the very boring song that I like a lot, I've even had the original (perhaps not the best) just me talking about what sort of person I am. So when I realised I had had nothing on my profile for quite a while I felt as if I'd wronged someone somehow. I know that I enjoy reading others profiles and it helps me realise who people are so I thought this might help.

A list of things:
- An undead warlock named Gelidus, very cold.
- A pirate called Spratt by most, once a captain.
- A mysterious girl with many identities, with a lot of spunk.
- An upstart young space pilot called Vanessa.
- A charming young lady who can play her instruments well.
- A willing vampire.
- A lady who is now canon.